Mold Damage Restoration Services in Central Florida

Mold is one of the hidden dangers in your Orlando, Florida home or business. It can adversely affect the health of you, your family, or your employees. When mold contamination is a possibility, contact SR Remodeling immediately to have this issue taken care of.

Mold has the ability to grow just about anywhere. It is one of the most adaptive and widespread organisms around. Mold seeks out damp, moist places to live and reproduce in. In the home, mold will grow where this is a leaky pipe or in dark out of the way places. Mold can even grow in roofing materials.

Most people discover a mold infestation from the pungent and musty smell that it produces. It creates an unsightly mess at the point of infestation as well. Throughout its life, mold produces substances called mycotoxins. These mycotoxins are the reason that many people develop illnesses.  These illnesses range from sinusitis to life-threatening allergic reactions.

Mold contamination cannot be taken lightly. If you suspect Mold Damage, immediately call SR Remodeling.  Our staff of highly trained staff of Mold Damage technicians will locate the point of mold infestation and completely eradicate it. SR Remodeling is also proud of the fact that they are certified in mold remediation and mold prevention.

SR Remodeling brings a solid track record of service in Central Florida when it comes to mold remediation and mold prevention. We will come to your home or business and methodically inspect for all sources of mold infestation.

Mold Damage Process Provided by SR Remodeling

  • SR Remodeling will do a visual inspection of the affected area and determine the extent of the mold problem and document the type of mold-damaged materials.
  • SR Remodeling may use specialized equipment to inspect and take air samples in ductwork or within walls or to detect moisture in building material.
  • SR Remodeling will perform surface and/or bulk sampling to identify specific fungal contaminants and to establish the appropriate remediation protocol.
  • If an active leak is present, SR Remodeling will locate the original source of the water damage and stop it in order to proceed with the remediation process.