Central Florida Stucco Services

Portland Cement Plaster (Stucco) is, without doubt, one of the finest exterior finishes that can be installed on any home or any structure for that matter in any climate. It has so many advantages over any other exterior protection systems that the minor disadvantage of incidental hairline cracks is insignificant. Stucco costs less per square foot than a medium priced carpet on your floor. The carpet will be replaced several times during the life of the building but stucco remains undisturbed and often will exceed your lifetime.

Stucco is fire-resistant with a one (1) hour rating. Because of its mass, stucco resists passage of noise from nearby streets much more effectively than other finishes. It is low maintenance, only requiring powerwashing and minor cleaning every 4-5 years. It cannot be penetrated easily, such as siding. Contrary to belief, stucco does NOT allow water to pass through it extensive testing shows that water is absorbed into about 1/8″ of the surface of stucco only leaving the remaining -3/4″ of stucco unaffected by water. And it is not popular with termites, insects, birds, vermin or other marauders that can get in other types of exterior finishes.stucco